From July 23 - 25, 2005, the Johnson Foundation hosted a meeting of international experts (scientists, engineers, filmmakers, policy analysts, foundation representatives) at the Frank Lloyd Wright - designed Johnson Foundation’s Wingspread facility in Racine, Wisconsin.  They discussed the effects of global warming on international coastal cities using the Bongiorno Productions’ screenplay, WATERMARK, as centerpiece for discussion.

The Johnson Foundation regularly sponsors conferences in the public interest including topics dealing with Sustainable Development and the Environment at their Wingspread Conference Center.

Goals of the WATERMARK Wingspread Conference:

  1. To discuss global warming and its effects on international coastal cities.

  2. To discuss present & future solutions for these areas. 

  3. To discuss the fictional film screenplay, WATERMARK, and generate script recommendations.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed Wingspread as the private residence for H.F. Johnson, the third-generation head of S.C. Johnson & Son, and his family in the late 1930s.
Johnson donated Wingspread to The Foundation for use as an educational conference center in 1959. The Foundation sponsors conferences with other non-profit organizations and foundations in the areas of education, sustainable development and environment, democracy and community, and the family. The conferences are usually two- to three-day meetings of from 15 to 40 people, co-sponsored by other non-profit organizations and foundations.


Living Space “Wigwam” at Wingspread

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