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The Revolution ’67 Educational Use DVD contains two versions of the program:  a 90 minute Full Version and an 83 minute, closed captioned Broadcast Version.
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The Revolution ’67 Home Use DVD contains two versions of the program:  a 90 minute Full Version and an 83 minute, closed captioned Broadcast Version.   This DVD is for Home Use only: any use in classes, libraries, or before the general public is strictly prohibited.  A warning to this effect will appear periodically during DVD play.

REVOLUTION '67 focuses on the Newark riots; the explosive urban rebellion which erupted in New Jersey, in July 1967 - a tragedy caused by similar problems that sparked “race riots” across America.


What’s revealed are long-standing racial, economic, and political forces which generated inner city poverty and perpetuate it today. Newark residents, police, officials, and urban commentators, including writer/activist Amiri Baraka, journalist Bob Herbert, prominent historians, and 60s activist Tom Hayden, recount the vivid, day-to-day details of the uprising.  But they also trace those traumatic days back to decades of industrial decline, unemployment, job and housing discrimination, federal programs favoring suburbs over cities, police impunity, political corruption, and the costly, divisive Vietnam War.


The spark igniting this firestorm of pent-up racial rage was, as is so often the case, an encounter between a black man and the police.  On July 12th, 1967, two white officers stopped a black taxi driver for a minor traffic violation, beat him, and dragged him into the local precinct.  A rumor spread through black neighborhoods that the driver had died, inciting a crowd to rampage through the streets, set fires, break windows, and loot businesses. 


The film takes viewers on a daily chronicle of events, including the calling in of the State Police and National Guard, their occupation of the city, and use of unnecessary firepower.    Final toll: 26 dead.


REVOLUTION '67 ends with an update on conditions in Newark today that are also emblematic of many other U.S. cities.

“Here in Newark, we partnered with Revolution ’67 to bring this insightful documentary to our community.”

                                       - Cory A. Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ

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2009  Federation of State Humanities Councils’ American Stories - One of 8 extraordinary documentaries that create a captivating portrait of America over the past century

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