Purchase of this DVD at the DVD License Without Streaming Rights price includes a license for colleges, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and museums to screen the DVD purchased for its useful life in: in-class instruction, library reference, employee training, public advocacy, and performances open to the public provided no admission is charged (public performance).

This License is not transferable: DVD cannot be copied, loaned, rented, sold, or donated to any individual, organization or institution, including affiliates in a multi-site system, members of a media consortium or participants under an inter-library loan agreement.

Explicitly excluded from this grant of rights is the right to copy or encode the purchased DVD, in whole or in part, as a digital file or to deliver any of its contents by videoconference, broadcast, cablecast or any form of digital delivery.

For all digital uses, inquire below about purchasing the full-price digital license.

Terms subject to change.

Please write to us at: bongiornoproductions@gmail.com if you want:

  1. fee for paid admission event(s)

  2. to receive a W9

  3. a tax exemption

  4. shipping cost for more than 27 copies

  5. to pay by check



For Colleges, Foundations, Corporations, Gov't Agencies

please allow up to 2 weeks to process

plus shipping/handling/NJ tax if applicable

email us for international orders bongiornoproductions@gmail.com

for  HEARING VOICES streaming file

please contact Bongiorno Productions

for cost and license terms