"In their short historical fiction film, HEARING VOICES, the Bongiornos enter the realm of presenting and interpreting the past anew—a Lin Manual-Miranda-like treatment minus the pop music. Set at a historical site in Staten Island, the “ghosts” of General Giuseppe Garibaldi and inventor Antonio Meucci reunite in the home they shared in the 1850s, a time of angst toward immigration and tumult over new technologies in an altogether different New York City. The Bongiorno duo has entered a new realm with HEARING VOICES and other historical and heritage sites should take notice—a short film of historical fiction can re-interpret the past as well as bring it alive!"

~Dr. Tom McCabe

Historian, Rutgers University-Newark

  1.  7.10.18  "Transnational War Volunteering: From Garibaldi to the Cold War” Keynote Screening University of Leeds, UK    pdf  image

  2. August 9 & 10, 2018 7:30 pm Montclair Cinema505, Montclair, NJ  link   gallery  image

  3. 11.1.18 Diaspore Italiane - Italy in Movement Calandra Institute CUNY, NYC   video   link  pdf

  4. 3.14.19  Italian American Cultural Society of Freehold, NJ

  5. 3.20.19  Italian American Cultural Society of Hunterdon, NJ

  6. 2.12.20  Alberto Italian Studies Institute, Seton Hall University, So. Orange, NJ   pdf

  7. • 4.2.23 Dorothea’s House, Princeton, NJ      pdf


“Smart film! The conversations between Meucci and Garibaldi are, to be sure, the ‘voices' that everyone should ‘hear'. The Bongiornos have succeeded yet again, and we’re all the more fortunate for it!"

~Dr. Anthony Julian Tamburri

Dean, The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

“HEARING VOICES has become an excellent teaching tool for younger people, especially middle and

high school students who become open to a conversation among two noted historical figures, Garibaldi

and Meucci. The Bongiornos' film has been welcomed by the hundreds of OSDIA members who have

enjoyed viewing it at a variety of convention and other board related meetings pertaining to the famed

Garibaldi-Meucci Museum.”

~Comm. Joseph Sciame

CEO, GMM Board of Directors, Garibaldi-Meucci Museum

National/State Past President, OSDIA


"The Italian American Cultural Society of NJ had Marylou & Jerome Bongiorno screen their short film HEARING VOICES at our last meeting in March 2019.  The film was very interesting and insightful about the friendship and time that Garibaldi and Meucci spent together in a home on Staten Island, NY in the late 19th century.  It was done as the two discussed the past and their accomplishments, philosophies and tribulations as ghosts in modern times.  It was very educational and culturally enriching and the IACS of NJ would highly recommend other Italian American organizations to present it to their memberships."

~The Italian American Cultural Society of NJ

"The perfect 22 minute film for a Heritage Meeting by Italians, about Italians, and for EVERYONE...

The entire conversation between the "ghosts" highlighted many details about Garibaldi and Meucci that may have been forgotten (or not commonly known ) and which the film articulately and entertainingly reminds the viewer. It offers a concise history of two men who changed the world in their own way. The why do we fight exchanges between the characters fuel thought and discussion even after the credits roll.”

~Diane Beni, film reviewer for ComUnico magazine