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Audio description, also known as a video description, refers to an additional narration track intended primarily for the blind and visually impaired.  It consists  of a narrator talking through the presentation, describing  what is happening on the screen during the natural pauses in the audio, and sometimes during dialogue.

The AUDIO DESCRIPTION track can be accessed by pressing the Audio button on your DVD remote.


closed captioned

Closed captions are a text version of the spoken part of a film.

Turning on the CLOSED CAPTION feature depends on your type of cable box and TV. Please access the Menu Settings of either,   then locate and turn "on" the closed caption feature.

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86 min



THE RULE  DVD & Streaming File

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Selected by

White House Initiative 

on Educational Excellence 

for African Americans  

At Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, we’ve long recognized the value of film in teaching and educating the next generation of medical students.  The Rule takes this to another level and should be part of any curriculum that promotes health and wellness.

                                   ~Anthony Tobia, MD, Dept. of Psychiatry

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Italian and Spanish subtitled version