Revolution ’67  April 2, 2008  Voicings,  St. Cloud, MN

Q& A with filmmakers Jerome & Marylou Bongiorno

VOICINGS director Mark Eden

KVSC station manager Jo McMullen-Boyer interviews filmmaker Jerome Bongiorno

Voicings is a combination fine arts festival and scholarly symposium that explores the social ramifications of language. At its heart, language is communication. When viewed socially, it encompasses the multiplicity of ways we use to represent ourselves to one another. Taken one step further, we realize these various methods of representation have the potential to either reinforce or subvert our notions of the larger structures that make up society. "Voicings" operates under the belief that language has the power to embolden or unnerve, to liberate or suppress. In short, it is anything but benign.

WJON’s Dick Nelson interviews filmmaker Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno

April 3, 2008  Visit to SBSJ  Collegeville, MN

Mississippi River, St. Cloud, MN

Filmmakers Marylou & Jerome Bongiorno meet with filmmaker/teacher Brother Simon-Hoa (l) and filmmaker/student Peter Mullin (r)

The Saint John's Abbey and University Church designed by Marcel Breuer

Building constucted by Benedictine Monks