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A short fictional film about an Italian-American patriarch who wants to uproot
his multi-generational family winemaking business to Italy,
but hides the truth about his motives.

Francesco Santangelo’s family is deeply rooted in his New Jersey winery but he’s decided to uproot the entire family and
move operations to where he was born in Lombardy, Italy.
His granddaughter Emma knows nothing about the move, although she’ll be thrilled because she’s a budding documentary
filmmaker whose life is steeped in famous Italian films.
But the rest of the winemaking family is up in arms.
His daughter Anna, the vineyard botanist, is at her wit's end over the relocation, because she’s also dealing with a very
rocky marriage.  Her "weekend comedian” husband Rick, the vineyard accountant, is frantic over the dwindling
finances and thinks moving to Italy is like "contracting the plague."
And his niece Giovanna, the vineyard chemist, is dazed by the move, anxious about being an African-Italian-American woman
in a same-sex relationship in Italy.
The big catastrophe will come when the family finds out the real reason for Francesco's sudden and seismic return to Italy.



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