Dr. Leslie Wilson (Moderator)

  1. Montclair State University

  2. Joint appointment in History and the Center of Pedagogy

  1. Poverty and its Impact on Educational Progress: Focus on Environmental Racism

Dr. Christina Collins

  1. United Federation of Teachers-Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff

  2. Lead Researcher and Policy Coordinator

  1. Education, Economics, and Poverty in Newark

Dr. Howard Gillette

  1. Rutgers‐Camden

  2. Professor of History

  3. Poverty in the Context of a Dual Housing Market

Dr. Wayne Glasker

  1. Rutgers‐Camden

  2. Associate Professor of History and Director of the African American Studies Program

  1. Reducing Poverty in Newark: Urban Job Initiatives

Dr. Thomas A. McCabe

  1. Rutgers‐Newark

  2. Visiting Professor in the History Department

  3. Education in Newark Schools: Miracle on High Street

Dr. Chris Rasmussen

  1. Fairleigh Dickinson University

  2. Associate Professor School of History and Political Science

  3. Historical Dimensions of Violence: Anti-poverty Efforts in New Brunswick, 1967

Dr. Bryant Simon

  1. Temple University

  2. Director of American Studies/Professor

  3. Urban Renewal(s): “For Whom Are We Rebuilding Our Cities?”  Learning About Newark From Atlantic City Casinos

Newark Poverty Reduction Conference Scholars



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